AGILE UNLIMITED stands for professional Agile Coaching and is your confident partner to accelerate YOUR individual business and Agile framework.

My Name is Nadine. I am an Agile Coach with almost nine years of experience in Agile Coaching in different industries (e.g. Telecoummincation, Banking, IT and Digital Services, Health Care, Automotive). I know the challenges of startups,  middle class businesses and especially multicorporate enterprises. My strength as an Agile Coach is my expert knowledge in Agile transition challenges involving all levels concerning personas, teams and management.  You get a professional Agile Coach and a confident partner to evolve your business and your individual Agile framework.

EVERYTHING FROM ONE SOURCE: With AgileUnlimited you get the  bundle of professional know how in Agile and Lean methods for successful product development,  project management and business model development.

You can request Nadine for

  • being your sparring partner. We discover your challenges and I give you suggestions to improve
    • your Agile methods
    • your organization, concerning Agile and Lean aspects
    • your business model
  • giving workshops and trainings on Scrum, Kanban, Lean Thinking, Agile Business Development, Lean Startup, Customer Development, Business Modelling, Change Management, Agile Engineering Practices
  • giving you new perspectives on how to transfer to, implement and use Agile methods
  • helping you to develop the right products
  • helping you to adopt Agile methods in your consisting environment at all levels
  • helping you to start with new development teams
  • challenging your company as an Agile organization - according to Agile scaling capabilities
  • checking your Agile and Lean "health"
  • moderating and facilitating meetings (e.g.  retrospectives, planning meetings, etc.)
  • talking at conferences, in communities, at universities

All services are available in german and in english.